I’ve connected my wallet but the app does not show, what do I do?

Make sure you are using Polygon network on your wallet. If you want to know how to add polygon to your Metamask, here's a link that can help you get started.

What are the risks involved with lending or borrowing on-chain?

On-chain lending and borrowing is an innovative new way to access and deploy capital. In order to help maintain safety and abide by the jurisdiction of each market, you may be required to KYC in order to verify your identity. Additional steps may be taken by the market owner to assess risk and resolve issues involving default. For USDC.Homes, that may include foreclosure and legal process, or in the case of BNPL NFTs, liquidation of digital assets. Above all, we encourage users to plan their finances responsibly.

I have a Fortune Teller NFT, what can I do with it?

Create a ticket on our discord or reach out to one of our representatives on Intercom to learn more about current promotions and utilities for our Fortune Teller holders.

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