Description of Teller's Distributed Cloud network

Telller's network of distributed cloud nodes operates as Proof of Cloud (POC) consensus validators for the Teller Protocol. In other words, the nodes act as a data router for the protocol's smart contracts.

The current system architecture resembles the following diagram:

The two core components of the distributed cloud network are:

  1. The Teller Subgraph

  2. Teller Validator


Teller's Subgraph listens for events emitted through interactions with the protocol's deployed smart contracts and then parses them to a graphQL service.


Validator is the primary web service endpoint of the node, which handles user requests via an RPC JSON v2.0 service.


All of these components are deployed and distributed via docker images using kubernetes, which is in turn packaged as a helm chart installation.

The system architecture diagram is as follows:

The Node manages everything inside kubernetes cluster:

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