Progressive Pauser Role Owner

Pauser role ownership within the Teller Protocol

Loan terms generated by the Teller protocol are calculated algorithmically, within a unique off-chain environment. Thus, to mitigate off-chain risk, we have instituted a Pauser role on the specific market areas of the protocol.

Ownership of the Pauser role will expand with the maturity of the protocol and will be eventually given to the community through the implementation of a decentralized governance module or organization called Teller Governance.

Teller V1: Pauser Owned by Multisig

At launch, Teller will support a Pauser role to be controlled by a Multisig. Owners of the Multisig will include teammates, investors, advisors, and select community members. This initial governance of the protocol works to protect user funds if unforeseen situations are discovered. Control is distributed amongst a cohort of actors who are strongly incentivized to ensure the success of the protocol. Future plans will transition ownership of the Pauser role to the community through the Teller Governance module.

Teller Governance, owned by TLR token holders, will govern, propose and vote on when the role should be enacted. This facilitates both decentralized ownership of protocol safety guards, as well as a cross-protocol method to mitigate risk.

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